A new path of Alishan: Longmei Scenic Hiking Trail

The recently established Longmei Hiking Trail at 47.5 k of the Alishan Highway, which meanders through verdant forests, is made with granite plates and wood. It is 874 meters long and has a primitive touch of the nature. With two little plazas and a scenic pavilion along the way, it is indeed a great new choice for those wanting to explore the wonders of Alishan.

The circular path starts with a granite platform followed by a short wooded trail that goes up the hill. Visitors can then enter a Chinese fir tree forest to take a green shower and appreciate the beauty of the primitive nature in silence. On most sspring and summer afternoons, among the mists are plenty of Tung flowers, with some of their petals fallen to the ground as if they have lost their way back to the trees. One can feel a simple kind of happiness when picking the petals. All around the hiking trail, bird singing can be heard. Even the air smells like mountains. Why not ride with the winds to observe the ancient Alishan along this trail?

It only takes 30 minutes to walk through this trail. It is a perfect leisure spot before going into the main Alishan region for outside visitors and a good choice for locals who wish to take half a day off. It is especially suitablefor families.