Public wedding under a divine tree will take place Oct.2

“The 2013 Alishan Neo-Impressions: Public Wedding under a Divine Tree” will be held on October 2, 2013 (Wednesday) as organized by the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration.

In its seventh year, this event is selected for the 2013 Taiwan Tourist Calendar. 16 couples from at home and abroad will make their vows under the Xianglin Divine Tree at the Alishan Forest Recreational Area. Six of those couples are from mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore, each having their unique love stories to tell. One has dated for long years, one proposed in a 3,000-meter mountain, and one fell in love with each other while playing a 1-dollar prize drawing game. Their stories are resounding and sweet. All of the participating couples will sign their respective “ten-thousand-year contract of love” testified by the thousand-year-old divine tree.

On the event day, booklets containing special offers will be given for free. Interested members of the public are welcome to share the joy of the marrying couples as they tie their knots in the year of “2013,” which sounds like “love you forever” in Mandarin.

According to an Alishan officer, Alishan is one of the best choices for taking romantic tours, spending honeymoons, or taking memorial wedding photos. “A trip to Alishan is definitely worthwhile for lovebirds,” he said.