Alishan tea tasting events welcome all

As the first of the “Savor Alishan Tea and Experience its Tea Culture” serial tea tasting events, “Smooth Team, Aromatic Flowers” was held in the Minhsiung Japanese Hospitality House on October 24, 2013.

Two other tea-tasting events will respectively take place on October 26 in Yuantan, Ruili entitled “Running Waterfall, Meandering Stream” and November 2 at Eryanping Hiking Trail, Xiding entitled “Tea Garden, Mountain Views”. Each of the event venues boasts unique scenic views and every event has its own theme. Participants will not only be able to savor top-quality Alishan tea, but also appreciate the beauty of mountains, forests, clouds, mists, sunrise and morning dews of Alishan.

“We welcome the public to join the events and taste different kinds of tea,” said an official from the organizing Culture and Tourism Bureau of Chiayi County. The official mentioned that Alishan is worth frequent visits for its mountain views, leisurely atmosphere and high quality tea.

Each of the events includes five sessions. Seats are limited. To register, go to and search for “Savor Alishan Tea (品味阿里山茶)” (the online registration is in Chinese). Or, call the Alishan Tea Culture Office at (05)362-5886.