Taiwan Tourist Shuttle ensures a happy trip to Alishan

It is so easy and convenient to visit the Alishan with Taiwan Tourist Shuttle! There are two routes at the moment. Route A departs from THSR Chiayi Station and Route B from Chiayi Train Station. The shuttle buses for both routes stop at Dingliu Elementary School, Wufong Temple, Liming Elementary School, Longmei, Xiding, Longtou, Shizhao, Shizi Village and Alishan. We guarantee that you will be amazed by these places along Provincial Highway 18!

In fact, Taiwan Tourist Shuttle’s Alishan Route A is the only direct transport to the Alishan from THSR Chiayi Station. This seamless transport makes traveling to the Alishan much more convenient. In 2012 alone, there were as many as 11,151 passengers taking Alishan Route A from THSR.

To promote low-carbon travel and provide a more economical public transport service, the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration launches the THSR-Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Alishan Routes Joint Ticket this year that can be purchased at the ibon machines at 7-ELEVEN around Taiwan. The ticket not only includes a special-priced return ticket for the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle’s Alishan Routes and a 25% off THSR return ticket. Ticket holders can also purchase an admission ticket for the Alishan National Forest Recreational Area at NT$150 per person (per holder) and enjoy a free forest rail ride between Alishan and Zhaoping. With the joint ticket in hand, you will be able to travel in Alishan with ease!

For more information, please visit the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle –Alishan Route website: