Master sculptures bring extra glamour to Alishan

Alishan National Forest Recreational Area has the most beautiful sunrise and sunset views of Taiwan. Its winter charm is also unique from the other seasons’. You are sincerely invited to take an early winter trip to Alishan this November. You can see snow-like seas of clouds at dawn, appreciate large sculptures in early morning, stroll around the train station while appreciating wood sculpting art in the afternoon, and feel amazed by a full sky of stars as you look up in the sky. Don’t forget to hike along the beautiful forest trails and drink some warm high-mountain tea. You are sure to bring some happy memories home this winter after visiting Alishan.

The inauguration (2013) of the Zhaoping Train Station marks the beginning of a new era of tourism in Alishan. In celebration, “Welcoming the Dawn: a dialogue between the four seasons and public sculpting art” organized by the Chiayi Forest District Office of the Forestry Bureau was held June 24 and will run until December 22, 2013 at the station’s outdoor square. Four sculptors, Hiroyuki Asano, Lai Chi-Man, Li Kuang-yu and Sung Hsi-Te, each having their own artistic uniqueness, are invited to reflect the beauty of this mountain through their sculptures based on a wide range of materials and methods.

《The Float by Japanese artist Ishida Mari》

《Wind in the Sky by Japanese artist Ishida Mari; British artist Martyn Barratt》

《Source: Chiayi Forest District Office》