Inauguration ceremony for Chukou Visitor and Administration Center is held

The Chukou Visitor and Administration Center, located at 32K, Alishan Highway, was inaugurated in the morning today (December 3, 2013) as at a ceremony attended by various local officials and industry friends.

The center not only marks the integration of scenic spots in Chiayi City and County, but even includes various tourist places in Alishan. Visitors can expect to obtain more convenient and thorough travel information there.

The Chukou Visitor and Administration Center takes up eight hectares of land. It includes a parking lot, a visitor center and an administration center. The two-story compound building encompasses 4,700 square meters of floor space. Construction began 10 years ago, supported by a budget of NT$ 146.25 million granted by the Executive Yuan.

Just as the center was inaugurated, a new construction project for the Chukou Niupuzi Leisure Park is also underway, so as to turn Chukou into an international tourist area. There are related plans to be taken. For instance, in the future, on both sides of Provincial Highway 18, seasonal flowers will also e grown, so that visitors can appreciate flowers all year round when they come to Alishan. The highway will hopefully serve as a “Silk Road to Love.” Lovers are free to practice their ideas of love along this highway and take memorial photos for themselves. Alishan, by then, shall have more to offer romantically aside from ecological resources and natural views.