Project Vanguard for Excellence in Tourism: promoting Alishan as an international tourist attraction

Project Vanguard for Excellence in Tourism, launched by the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transport and Communications in 2009, aims to improve travel quality and increase the number of tourism events in Taiwan. Hailing the slogan of “Time for Taiwan,” the Tourism Bureau has been luring visitors across the globe to experience the gourmet food, amazing scenery and hospitality of Taiwan.

In an effort to promote Alishan to the world, the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration has held a variety of events under the theme of “Time for Taiwan” alongside other international tourism events organized by the Tourism Bureau. Such includes “Wedding under the Divine Trees” participated by couples from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. The wedding has even been selected as a highlighted event on the Taiwan Tourism Events Calendar.

This year, for the first time, the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration also joined the “Taiwan Summer Solstice 235,” a nationwide event held by the Tourism Bureau and local governments to promote summer attractions and events unique to Taiwan internationally.

As to transport, services provided by the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle and Taiwan Tour Bus in and out of the Alishan Area are being enhanced. Discounted tickets jointly designed by the Taiwan High Speed Rail and the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration are available.

It is hoped that, by improving travel quality and holding more tourism events, both visitors from at home and abroad will enjoy the travel-friendly Alishan even more.