Flower festival came to an end

The one-month Alishan National Forest Recreation Area Flower Festival came to an end on April 10, 2014 as cherry trees started to sprout new leaves.
During the festival period, more than 390,000 visitors went to the Alishan to appreciate flowers, 100,000 more than the previous year.
According to the organizing Chiayi Forest District Office, it is not only the good weather that makes people want to take a field trip. The public has also been attracted by the various activities held at the recreation area. There is a Gaoshan Botanic Gardens Photography Exhibition and the “Conversations between Cherry Blossoms and Music” Monday concerts. On Wednesdays, cypress trains led by steam locomotives can be taken. The CFDO officers also believe that the new “Let’s Watch Cherry Blossoms in Alishan” mobile phone APP, which offers the latest flower updates, has encouraged users to visit the recreation area more.
The flowers have bloomed quite well this year in the recreation area. During the festival period, Taiwan cherry and Yoshino cherry trees covered the place with beautiful red, pink and white flowers. Despite the festival has now ended, certain cherry trees, such as white Oshima cherry and Kawazu cherry, are still respectively growing white and pink flowers. “Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum,” a kind of azalea flowers, are also still in full bloom. White and purple magnolias, dark pink hall crabapples, light purple Taiwan pleiones and bluish purple wisterias are also worth appreciation.
“We sincerely visitors to visit Alishan in different seasons of a year to feel the changing beauty of the mountain,” a CFDO officer said.
Source: Chiayi Forest District Office