Go up Alishan effortlessly with Taiwan Tourist Shuttle

To appreciate Alishan divine tress, Xiding cloud seas and indigenous Tsou villages, simply take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle!

The Alishan Route of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle was inaugurated at the beginning of 2014. It includes three sub-routes, Route A (THSR Chiayi – Alishan), Route B (Chiayi Train Station – Alishan) and Route B1 (Fenqi Lake – Shizhao – Alishan), stopping at Dingliu Elementary School, Wufong Temple, Chukou Visitor Center, Chukou, Longmei, Xiding, Longtou, Shizhao, Shizi Village, Youth Activity Center and Alishan. Provincial Highway 18 is its main road to take and it makes sure that all passengers enjoy an amazing and relaxing trip.

Alishan Route A, Taiwan Tourist Shuttle is the only public transport that goes directly from THSR Chiayi Station to Alishan. Route B1 was launched in conjunction with the resumption of the Forest Trail that goes from Chiayi to Fenqi Lake. This has not only largely facilitated transport in Alishan. It can be said that Alishan has finally had a seamless transport network now.

The THSR – Alishan combo tickets are still available these days as part of the promotion by the Alishan Scenic Area Administration. Each ticket contains a 25% discount for a round THSR trip, as well as special offers by 34 accommodations, specialty shops and cultural workshops along the route.

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle is a public bus service especially catering to individual travelers. They don’t need to drive by themselves or pay for gas or highway tolls. It is easy to plan an itinerary with the shuttle, too. This is a great option for those who wish to explore Taiwan on their own.

The Tourism Bureau under the MOTC is dedicated to providing seamless transport at scenic areas while advocating low-carbon travel, sustainable tourism and green transport.

For more info, please visit the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle (Alishan Route) website at http://www.ali-nsa.net/Event/2013_AliTravel/indexEn.aspx.