Ever-lasting love to be testified by the divine tree

“2014 Alishan Neo-Impressions: Wedding under the Divine Trees” will take place at 10 a.m., Wednesday October 1, 2014 under a thousand-year-old camphor tree in the Alishan National Forest Recreation Area in Chiayi. Ten marrying couples will tie the knot on a romantic ceremony witnessed by the divine tree. Wishes that they will live happily thereafter will be given by attending guests.

This annual event is jointly hosted by the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration, the Chiayi Forest District Office, and the Chiayi County Government. Supporting agencies include the Alishan Forest Railway Administration and the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area.

Head of the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration Zheng Han-zhou said that the Alishan Highway (Provincial Highway 18) will be organized into a special route for taking romantic wedding photos this year. The Tropic of Cancer, Dongshih Fisherman's Wharf, Niupuzai Meadow, and Eternity Bridge shall make this road a one-and-only “N235” (23.5-degree north latitude) Road of Love in Taiwan. Would-be brides and grooms are welcome to take memorial photos and enjoy their vacation in Alishan. Let the beauty of the mountain be part of the lasting memory!