For National Recovery Month, Independent Film, The Silent Majority, is being presented nationwide by WEDU PBS of West Central Florida and distributed through APT, American Public Television

NEW YORK, Sept. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Teen addiction, prevention and recovery documentary reveals surprising truths about what teens really want to make healthy choices regarding drugs and alcohol. Leslie and Lindsey Glass, mother and daughter producers, having experienced teen substance abuse and recovery personally, explore programs that engage teens and help them think for themselves.

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Drugs and Alcohol are the #1 health issue for American teens. And overdoses now kill 100 people a day, more than traffic accidents nationwide. Debunking the myth that most teens are involved in the partying culture, this groundbreaking documentary reveals the surprising truth that 70% make healthy choices about drugs and alcohol. Featuring real teens in five programs that empower them to think for themselves, and music composed and performed by the Road Recovery teen band mentored by rock stars, "The Silent Majority" shows that adult guidance, mentorship, and empowerment provide the key for teens to end a deadly epidemic.

Leslie Glass is the national bestselling author of 15 novels, a journalist, and the producer/director of the documentaries, "The Secret World of Recovery" and "The Silent Majority." She is co-founder and CEO of Reach Out Recovery.
Lindsey Glass is a screenwriter, blogger, and co-producer of "The Secret World of Recovery," and the co-producer and host of "The Silent Majority." She is a recovery advocate, and co-founder of Reach Out Recovery.

The Silent Majority is being presented nationwide by WEDU PBS of West Central Florida and distributed through APT, American Public Television.
Feed date and time: September 7th at 1200-1300 ET
56 minutes run time
Produced by Leslie and Lindsey Glass
Directed by Leslie Glass
Written by Leslie and Lindsey Glass

Statistics come from CASA Columbia, From National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) Monitoring the Future Surveys, The CDC WASHINGTON POST 100 AMERICANS DIE OF DRUG OVERDOSES EVERY DAY FEB 2014. On the day Philip Seymour Hoffman died 100 other unnamed Americans died of an overdose. Every year, America loses a little over 32,000 people in auto crashes, and something like 38,000 from overdose deaths annually. One year ago that number was attributed to teens alone.

These statistics change depending on the source. ABC says Substance use is the number 1 health issue for teens and Casa Columbia does, too. But the NIDA numbers are more recent for current drug use among teens than the CASA Columbia ones.

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