Perfect World’s first action online game Legend of the Condor Heroes ZERO to commence official beta testing on September 25

BEIJING, Sept. 13, 2014  /PRNewswire/ — Perfect World, a leading online game developer and operator based in China, announced recently that its 3D latch-up-free action MMORPG game Legend of the Condor Heroes ZERO will commence official beta testing on September 25, 2014.

The first and original rendering of Legend of the Condor Heroes ZERO

The first and original rendering of Legend of the Condor Heroes ZERO

Legend of the Condor Heroes ZERO is adapted from the classic novel of the same name with the permission of the author Jin Yong. This is the first latch-up-free action online game created by Perfect World, and also the world’s first online action game based on the classic novel. The game uses Perfect World’s independent ARK game engine and is replete with magnificent action battles, highly realistic large-screen 3D scenarios, a unique and creative storyline adapted from the classic novel, as well as comprehensive and open playing designs, combining to create an all-new online action game experience for players. At the same time, Legend of the Condor Heroes represents a major move on the heels of Perfect World’s launch of the "HiFuture!" concept.

At ChinaJoy 2014, Perfect World rolled out the "HiFuture!" concept, in a move to redirect the game producer’s efforts towards the healthy and sustainable development of the online game industry. Perfect World CEO Xiao Hong noted that in the future the game industry will integrate with and penetrate into the fast moving consumer goods, education, communications, IT and finance sectors, in a move to enhance day-to-day life for an ever larger segment of the population, as games come to symbolize and represent a healthy attitude towards life.

Legend of the Condor Heroes ZERO is a MMOACT (Massively Multiplayer Online Action Game) expressly developed with this form of playing in mind. Perfect World has created an exclusive wearable interactive device for the title – ZERO Shoes, in an effort to provide players a spatially unconfined and healthy gaming experience. ZERO Shoes, a perfect convergence of a virtual game and real life, come with several outstanding exclusive features: recordkeeping of the player’s motion data, number of calories consumed, precise geographic location and social networking activities. The motion data collected by the device will be fed back and dictate the subsequent actions of the game, gradually improving the player’s overall fighting power. In addition, ZERO Shoes include exclusive small games and ability for interactive sharing, features which are expected to bring players an unprecedented and surprising experience.

The exclusive wearable device extends the game playing from the virtual into the real, without spatial restriction or limitations imposed by a defined platform, while encouraging players to engage in an enjoyable athletic activity. The motive behind the creation of ZERO shoes was not solely for this game but part of the overall direction of the game developer’s long-term efforts.

The revolution brought about by this new approach to the interactive experience surfaces new challenges to the overall development of games, while encouraging the general public to adopt a richer and healthier lifestyle. In line with what Perfect World CEO Xiao Hong recently said, via integration and development, games will very soon not only deliver the ever evolving entertainment experience that it always has, but also become a model for a healthy lifestyle available to anyone and everyone.

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