“Second Earth 2.0”, a New Journey into Deep Space, Now Released

SEOUL, South Korea, September 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — NTREEV SOFT, a Korea-based game developer and publisher, has announced the latest version of its sci-fi strategy game Second Earth.

'Flame', 'Assassin', and 'Heavy' (from left to right), the new combat units unveiled for "Second Earth 2.0

Second Earth embarks on a new season with “Second Earth 2.0”, a major update packed with 20+ new features including ‘Explore’, Hero, and new combat units. Most notably, with the game’s new PvE ‘Explore’, the most anticipated feature of this update, players can now use a probe to search for alien planets to attack. Players can gather a huge amount of resources and ores (depicted in four different colors) by attacking any planet they find. And if they are mounted to the ‘Monolith’, a huge stone pillar, attack and defense power of the player’s planet is boosted.

Moreover, in “Second Earth 2.0” a new hero, Captain Iron, appears for the first time to bolster the fun of the game’s strategy and character cultivation. Captain Iron is an advanced unit that can be grown through upgrades and used to guard your planet or attack others. This first hero, Captain Iron, comes in the form of a huge robot with two massively powerful arms and is available only with the new resource, antimatter.

And not to stop there, three new combat units are also newly introduced including Assassin, Flame, and Heavy. These are advanced combat robots that stay far afield from existing units with each being specially equipped with high levels of specs and special skills to play a key role in leading combat to victory.

There are also 30 more stages added to the single play version for more advanced levels of play, and even a Friendly Battle option where you can engage in fratricide with your own combat units. To celebrate this update, NTREEV SOFT will roll out an event with in-game prizes for players of “Second Earth 2.0” worldwide.

Second Earth is available for free from the Apple App Store www.itunes.com/appstore and at Google Play. For more information on Second Earth, visit the game’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/SecondEarthGame .

Second Earth 2.0 trailer is available at this link: http://youtu.be/dolGFVHy5SI


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