Art Blooms as the ‘Three Changes’ Help Create the Future

BEIJING, September 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — In May this year, a senior official proposed implementing the “Three Changes” during his visit to Henan, which fully embodied the care and expectations of the Chinese government towards “Made in China“, “Chinese Quality” and “Chinese brand”. The three changes include “Promoting change from ‘Made in China‘ to ‘Created in China‘, from ‘Chinese speed’ to ‘Chinese quality’, and from ‘Chinese product’ to ‘Chinese brand'” (hereinafter referred to as “Three Changes”). The proposal of the “Three Changes” not only aroused strong responses in China, but also attracted the world’s attention. And so, the method required to put the “Three Changes” into practice, especially changing Made in Chinato Created in China“, has been explored in China’s various industries. Young people are undoubtedly the main force required to realize the “Three Changes”. The matter of enhancing the creativity of contemporary Chinese college students has become increasingly important.

And so, CCTV International and have jointly launched a public benefit activity called “Support College Students’ Original Creativity”. Many people were invited to participate in the activity as “original advisors” or “mentors”, such as the presidents of eight art academies including China Academy of Arts, etc., Du Yue, Secretary General of Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, Fan Di‘an, director of National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), diplomats from France, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries as well as celebrities. They focused on the creativity of students of the Chinese art academies and worked to guide students and young artists in terms of creativity and employment and help them realize their artistic dreams. Fan Di‘an, the director of NAMOC, mentioned in an interview that it is a very meaningful event, and that the community should strive to create a good atmosphere that protects the original creativity of students and is suitable for their development. Yang Feiyun, president of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting, Chinese National Academy of Arts, emphasized in the interview that to support original creativity, not only the efforts of students and young people themselves are required, but also the community’s help and support is needed, especially during the process of helping students to change their original works to artwork recognized by the market.

The “Support College Students’ Original Creativity” activity received attention from all walks of life. As one of the initiators of the activity,, a fast-selling platform of artwork by college students, cares about young students’ art dreams. The network platform brings together a large number of China’s artistic young talents, and strongly backs college students and young artists’ original works of art to help them build a channel to market and transform their original creativity into social value. In addition, will help young students display their original works through a variety of activities including Hotel Arts Festival and University Students Arts Festival, etc., and appeal on the community to understand and focus on this gifted group while helping their art enter public life.