Popular Online Store Milanoo Shoots Creative Video to Welcome 2014 Halloween

Milanoo, a well-known online fashion store, has just started celebrating this year’s Halloween by shooting a scary ‘Zombie Takeover’ video. As preparation for the celebration, the company has also stocked up their store with a huge collection of Halloween costumes for their customers.

CHENGDU, China, September 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Renowned online fashion store Milanoo has just released an innovative video as part of the company’s Halloween celebrations for the year. This spine-chilling video titled ‘Milanoo Zombie Takeover’ is about a fictitious scenario where Milanoo’s office is taken over by a group of blood-thirsty zombies. Creation of this unique video is certainly a unique way for Milanoo to recreate the spirit of Halloween.

Milanoo has always been extremely creative with their marketing and promotional efforts, and the same creativity has been displayed in their new Halloween video. Describing this video, Steven Gu, a senior official from Milanoo said, “Here, at the Milanoo office, Jack is working late. Like all Milanoo employees, he is hard at work making this year’s Halloween sale the best ever. However, all this work is making him a little sleepy, and he can’t help but take a short nap. This is when the office is taken over by the zombies.”

Halloween is less than two months away, and shopping for this huge occasion has already started. Like always, there is already an extreme demand in the market for Zombie costumes. Over the years, Milanoo has been engaged is designing top of the line Halloween costumes for men, women, and children. This year, in addition to a large collection of affordable Zombie costumes, the company is also offering an exquisite range of witch costumes, vampire costumes, devil costumes, skeleton costumes, fairy costumes, superhero costumes, fairy costumes, nurse costumes, and much more. Most importantly, these high quality Halloween costumes from Milanoo are available for a pocket friendly price.

To find out more about Milanoo’s Halloween costume collection, please visit http://www.milanoo.com/event/halloween

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