Social Enterprise Summit 2014 – Launching Event cum Keynote Speech

American Entrepreneur and Local Directors Share Passion in Driving Social Change

HONG KONG, Sept. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — First established in 2008, Social Enterprise Summit (SES 2014) is a prominent annual event that gathers world-acclaimed social entrepreneurs, social enterprise experts, business and political leaders to share their visions and experiences in social innovation and entrepreneurship. Social Enterprise Summit 2014 – Launching Event cum Keynote Speech takes place today (September 20) in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, to kick-start SES 2104 which features a two-day international symposium (November 3 – November 4) following a series of social innovation events.

The Launching Event held today is officiated by Mrs. Betty Fung, Permanent Secretary of Home Affairs, HKSAR Government and Professor Timothy Tong, President of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Mrs. Fung said, "The rapid development of local society raises demand in all kinds of services and creates challenges, hence we need more platforms to connect individuals and groups in our community, creating the synergy to make a difference in the society." She continues, "We are delighted to witness the continuing development of social enterprises in Hong Kong in recent years. Numbers of social enterprises have rose from 260 to 450 in the last 6 years with a stunning 70% increase. Their range of services and target groups has extended as well." Dr. Jane Lee, Chair of Organizing Committee of Social Enterprise Summit remarked, "SES is like a box of scale model, comprising 4 core elements: society, business sector, the government and academic sector. Together they contribute to the development of social innovation in Hong Kong. SES aspires to offer new business model to solve social issues. The theme of SES 2014 is ‘Our Answers for Tomorrow’. We hope that social enterprises will be the answers to different social problems of today."

Mr. Steve Brown, American entrepreneur and director of documentary film "Spark: A Burning Man Story" participated in the event today as the keynote speaker, to share his passion on social entrepreneurship and how he used his expertise in software technology to help people in need. He is joined by two young local filmmakers with an eye on social issues – Mr. Wong Siu-Pong, independent documentary film director and Mr. Chris Ng, independent film director. Wong Siu-Pong is known for his award-winning documentary "Fish Story", which brought him the nomination for the New Talent Award at the 10th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival. Chris’ talent is recognised with his award-winning film "Meeting of the Half Moons" that brought him the Golden award at ifva and nomination for best short film at the Golden Horse Festival. Three directors share their passion in revealing social problems through their lens, and driving social change with their films.

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Mr. Steve Brown

CEO of Ignite Channel

Steve founded Ignite Channel in 2014 as a media company focused on arts and innovation. Previously, he directed and produced "Spark: A Burning Man Story," a documentary feature that premiered at SXSW 2013 before its theatrical and video-on-demand release later that year. For twenty years, Steve has been an innovator, founding CEO and board member of media and technology ventures in health and education. He currently is a partner in an innovation fund engaged in advanced research combined with early stage funding and incubation of related technology companies. Steve graduated from Stanford in physics in 1991.

Mr. Wong Siu-Pong

Independent documentary film director

Independent documentary film director Wong Siu-Pong graduated from Hong Kong Shue Yan University. His first directorial documentary Back on The Street (2010) was selected for the Chinese Documentary Festival 2011. His second documentary Fish Story (2013) was selected for the CNEX Taipei Documentary Film Festival 2013 and nominated for the New Talent Award at the 10th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival.

Mr. Chris Ng Ho-Yin

Independent film director

Independent film director Chris NG Ho-Yin graduated with a BA (Hons) in Digital Media from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Working across television, broadcast media, film and commercial industries, he mainly focuses on feature film screenwriting and directing TV commercials. His independent short film Meeting of the Half Moons (2010) was nominated for best short film at the Golden Horse Festival (2011), Golden Award at ifva (2012), Tokyo TBS DigiCon6 Awards First Prize in the Hong Kong region (2011).

Social Enterprise Summit 2014 – Event Highlight

Pre-Symposium Event

Oct – Nov

The Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement

Social Innovation Festival

Hong Kong Social Enterprise Outstanding Employee Recognition Ceremony 2014

Project Flame Symposium 2014: Universities as World Changers

SES 2014 – International Symposium

Nov 3



International Symposium – Day 1

Southorn Stadium:

 – Opening Ceremony cum Keynote Speeches

Jumbo Kingdom:

 – A Dinner to Remember : The Grand Silence


Nov 4

International Symposium – Day 2

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre:

– Opening Ceremony cum Keynote Speeches

– Over a dozen of events including conference, research panel, community forum, business luncheon, award ceremony to cover a series of topics – "The SE Ecosystem", "Entrepreneurship for Social Problem", "Changemakers for Tomorrow", "Hong Kong Experience" and "Community Development"

Southorn Stadium:

– Sharing with Social Entrepreneurs

– Social Entrepreneurs Challenge Marathon

Other Events

Master Class at SES

Social Entrepreneur for Tomorrow

Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2014

Philanthropy Session: Hong Kong Foundation Philanthropy Roundtable

Hong Kong Jam

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