Perfect World’s Sino-US Youth Elite Project “Access China” Receives Extensive Coverage from China’s Leading News Organizations

BEIJING, Dec. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Several of China’s leading and most authoritative news channels and programs, including CCTV’s national news program Xinwen Lianbo, (“News Simulcast” in English), CCTV News, Phoenix TV and Dragon TV, reported extensively on Perfect World’s Sino-US Youth Elite Project entitled “Access China” on the morning of December 19th.

“Access China” provides opportunities and expands the channels through which the younger generation in the U.S. and China can strengthen exchanges and consolidate friendships, by way of interactions and a better understanding of each other, according to reports.

Furthermore, the initiative is a new demonstration project for cultural and educational exchanges between China and the U.S. hosted by the China Education International Exchange Association (CEAIE), in collaboration with Perfect World and several US-based organizations.

Perfect World CEO Xiao Hong said during an interview that the initiative not only provides both countries with an opportunity to learn from each other and mutually broaden horizons, but also prepares for talent reserves in the future.

For several years, Perfect World has been implementing its Chinese Culture “Going Out” strategy, with the aim of promoting Chinese culture around the world. In doing so, the firm has launched many prestigious projects focusing on traditional Chinese culture in more than 100 countries and regions, contributing in a meaningful manner to the development of traditional Chinese culture and the fusion of Chinese culture with other cultures globally. In addition, Perfect World has also expanded in the area of education: in 2014 alone, the company signed strategic letters of intent to engage in collaborative projects with multiple prestigious universities around the world. Looking ahead, Perfect World is planning to further enhance exchanges and cooperation by working with a larger array of leading educational organizations around the world, including several in the U.S.

Perfect World, as one the organizers of “Access China”, is once again demonstrating its commitment to cultural and educational exchanges between China and the U.S., the goal of which is to create win-win Sino-U.S. bilateral relationships with mutual respect and mutual benefits, on behalf of China’s domestic companies.

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