A Partnership Through Time

BIEL/BIENNE, Switzerland, January 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

EBEL WAVE Steel and Rose Gold Lady & Gent

Romance is at the heart of the EBEL brand. The founders were husband and wife – partners in life who brought their personal love story to the shared endeavor of fine Swiss watchmaking. The balance of their masculine and feminine values continues to reveal itself in the singular blend of elegant design and technical expertise that distinguishes all EBEL watches.

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Valentine’s Day is the time of year we traditionally honor love, presenting a special gift or card or token of devotion to our beloved. For 2015, EBEL offers the ultimate gift – the EBEL Wave in stainless steel and rose gold, for men and women. Timepieces can be wonderful symbols of memories created over minutes, days and years, of a couple forever joined together in time. His and hers watches, symbolizing a partnership in life, make a very romantic gift, paired in time and in design.

The bracelet with its wave-shaped links, each one rolling into the next, also evokes a sense of continuum and timelessness, like the thread of memories in a relationship, or the endless flow of waves from the ocean’s rhythmic tide. The color red has always been synonymous with romance, love and passion, and the rich 18K rose gold in the EBEL Wave reflects that atmosphere, creating an incredibly striking contrast to the cool stainless steel. Dynamic and stylish individually, these watches, like true romantic partners, come alive in the presence of the other.

Timeless togetherness is perfectly symbolized through the partnership of these EBEL Wave watches.


Germany, Austria & Netherlands: Jerome Siel, [email protected]
United-Kingdom: Venetia Sheppard, [email protected]
Rest of Europe & Asia: Cliona Hugi, [email protected]
Middle-East: Mai Ali, [email protected]
Americas: Heather Cohen, [email protected]

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