Isabella Passion Comes Up with a Free Consultation Service to Buy Lingerie

Buying lingerie was never easier- enhance the beauty of your relationship

SYDNEY, Jan. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Well-known retail chain Isabella’s Passion, which specializes in lingerie wear, has come up with a unique way to encourage purchases. A free consultancy service has been launched online for men to buy lingerie for their partners.

Some men find it difficult and very awkward to go to a lingerie store to buy some nice nightwear for their partners. However, this Valentine’s Day, Isabella’s Passion launched this service to eliminate this fear. Men can go to the website, open the page, fill in some details about the couple and get expert advice as to what should be the perfect fit for their partners.

What the user basically does is, register on the site, and enter the relevant information which would enable the experts to assess you and your partner’s personality. They then give you the best possible choices to buy. It is almost a game of interesting permutations and combinations. You get your choice of color, cloth type, type of texture of cloth and more. The company does take full responsibility of keeping secure your information and details, while giving you an amazing experience to shop for lingerie online.

The verdicts and advice is given to Isabella’s Passion by experts and various fashion designers who have collaborated with the popular brand to provide consultation. Not only it would help reduce the problems men face when buying lingerie, but would encourage more purchases.

Speaking on the launch of this feature, the spokesperson of the company said, ”This is a golden chance for men who wish to gift their girlfriends some form of intimate wear. They must look forward to it. It has been designed for them!”

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