Chinese Actor Feilong Ji’s Video Released at Time Square

— The “Chinese Celebrity” gains popularity in America

NEW YORK, LAS VEGAS and LOS ANGELES, January 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The popular Chinese actor Feilong Ji has been in the U.S. on a one-month long cross-cultural communications trip since earlier this month. U.S. entertainment executives have accompanied Feilong Ji throughout the entire journey which stopped in Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York.

In recognition of Mr. Ji’s noble artistic pursuits and his contributions to Sino-U.S. cultural communications, a short video starring the actor was shown on the huge screen overlooking Time Square in New York, helping to extend the actor’s popularity well beyond the confines of his native China. In 2011, China’s Information Office of the State Council released a national image film on the same Time Square screen, presenting American audiences with a more objective and realistic view of China’s new national image.

Despite his modest origins, Feilong Ji is persistent and dauntless. Though the actor is hugely popular in China, his has never for a moment sat on his laurels or hesitated in his artistic pursuits; on the contrary, he keeps an open mind and continue to outdo himself with ever more artistic achievements. As a Sino-U.S. cultural go-between, Feilong Ji has helped to put the spotlight on Chinese filmography in Hollywood, much as his predecessors Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan have done, when he became the newest "Chinese Celebrity" among Hollywood’s Chinese actors.

Between acting roles, Feilong Ji does much in public service, giving the public the impression of a tough guy with tender heart. He is the compassion ambassador for the China Foundation for Disabled Persons of Hainan Province. The deep involvement in public welfare reflects the actor’s noble compassion for his home country and its people.

American mainstream media and the general public have paid unprecedented attention to the actor’s trip. "Sino-U.S. cultural differences have led to huge differences in the way films are evaluated in the two countries. Actors and directors, as well as the films they produce or work in that are very popular in China, may get nothing more than a tepid response in the U.S., while the same is often true in reverse. A great artist should not be confined by his race or his country’s borders nor be driven solely by fame and wealth. A great artist should strive for perfection and for the cultural expression of positive and authentic universal values. I came to the U.S. to express the China Dream and my film ambitions to the world," the actor said with a gentle smile on his manly face.

About Feilong Ji: Feilong Ji is a well-known Chinese actor born in 1980.

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