Clash of Kings downloads reach over 10 million on Google Play

NEW YORK, LONDON, and BERLIN, February 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Within 6 months of the release of Clash of Kings for Android on Google Play, the game has been downloaded over 10 million times, Elex Inc. is reporting. "Clash of Kings is looking great on Android, and the team here is very excited about the success of this game," said the company in an in-game message sent to all players who have downloaded the game from Google Play here.

Clash of Kings is a competent strategy game made interesting by its in-depth combat system. Since the first beta test, the Android version has been downloaded like there’s no tomorrow, and it’s as popular as ever on the Android phone and tablet devices. In three months, Clash of Kings has moved up the Google Play Store rankings in the top 10 grossing apps in 75 countries including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, according to Elex Inc. In this massively multiplayer online strategy game, you can challenge, team up with or just chat with other players from all over the world.

The COK Battle for the Throne has been a popular feature for Clash of Kings players because it allows real-time alliance wars on a secure server, but does not require a player to wait hours for loading. Ten of thousands of alliances are now battling to conquer the Palace located in the center of each Kingdom. Clash of Kings has many Lords but only one can be the King and live in the Palace while defending it. The King has many privileges, and he can appoint any player in the Kingdom as Queen, Prime Minister, Judge, Bishop, Knight, Guard Captain, Scholar, Blacksmith, Maid, Groom, Clown, Civilian, Scout, Bandit, Criminal and Fool etc. This feature has been open in over 100 Kingdoms. (Until now, the feature was open up to the 10th Kingdom).

In order to celebrate together with players, the company has given away free gifts to their fans on Facebook and Twitter fan pages, including gold coins and other game resources. Elex has said it wants to turn Clash of Kings into a true and interesting masterpiece developed for players by players through letting everyone engage, involve and participate themselves in the development of the game. And, this is the reason the game was released for free on Android, according to Elex Inc.

To download Clash of Kings, for Android click here, you’ll be taken to the Google Play page where you can acquire the game for free quickly and effectively.

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