Taiwan’s CNPC stated that it did not insist on signing up for the corporate environmental awards

Regarding the report that “Taiwan’s oil spill also reported environmental protection awards: the company’s perception is poor”, Taiwan’s CNPC stated that it has prepared for the “Honor Environmental Enterprise Award” for one year. The award is submitted to confirm the Green Island gas station. Before the oil spill, due to the principle of honesty and proactive disclosure of information, the initiative on September 20 requested the EPD to withdraw the registration of the Eastern District Business Office, and did not insist on signing up for the corporate environmental awards.

Taiwan’s Zhongyou pointed out that the Eastern District Business Office has won the Enterprise Environmental Award Silver Award for two consecutive years. In order to strive for the Honour Environmental Enterprise Award, it is an established goal to register again in 107 years. The Green Island gas station has not been confirmed at the time of registration, so there is no “There has been an oil spill and I am still insisting on signing up for the award.”

After confirming the leakage of the source, the Eastern Division’s business office carried out contingency measures such as leaking and replacing the problem oil pipe and oil basin and pollution removal, and notified the Taitung County Environmental Protection Bureau on August 10, after which the Eastern District Office actively cooperated with the Environmental Protection Agency and Taitung. The soil and groundwater testing work of the County Environmental Protection Bureau completed three underground soil sampling samples, three groundwater monitoring wells and groundwater sampling on September 6. Taiwan’s CNPC adheres to the principle of honesty and initiative to expose information. Although the Eastern District Business Office has won awards for two consecutive years, it has won three awards and worked hard for a year. Considering the determination to protect the environment, the company has decided to withdraw and have signed up for the competition. Environmental awards, on September 20th, the Environmental Protection Agency is requested to withdraw from the Eastern District Business Office.

Taiwan’s CNPC stressed that it is only a process to win any environmental awards. It expresses the company’s emphasis on environmental protection. It also invites all sectors to continuously give guidance to Taiwan’s CNPC to jointly promote domestic environmental quality. Environmental protection has always been the core value of Taiwan’s CNPC. In the future, it will continue to work hard and improve in environmental protection, and will not change because of the award.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C