Zczc Financial industry demolition market and commercial promissory market statistics for December, 107

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financial industry market

1. Overnight rate

In December, the overnight breakout rate of the financial industry was the highest at 0.188%, the lowest at 0.174%, and the weighted average interest rate was 0.183%, up 0.004 percentage points from the previous month (Schedule 1).

Second, the amount of demolition transactions

The total transaction volume of the dismantling market in December was 3.44 trillion yuan, an increase of 360.8 billion yuan or 12.01% from the previous month; the average daily trading volume in December was 163.8 billion yuan, an increase of 24.2 billion yuan or 17.34% from the previous month (schedule) 2).

Third, the balance of the demolition

The average daily demolition balance in December was $476.2 billion, an increase of 40.5 billion yuan or 9.3% from the previous month (Schedule 2).

(1) According to the dismantling institutions, the national banks ranked first, accounting for 64.67%; secondly, the ticket companies accounted for 24.85%, the foreign banks in Taiwan accounted for 6.32%, and the postal companies accounted for 4.16% (Schedule 3) ).

(2) According to the dismantling organization, the national bank ranked first, accounting for 70.65%; secondly, the foreign bank accounted for 25.65% in Taiwan, the postal company accounted for 3.55%, and the ticket company accounted for 0.15% (Schedule 3) ).

commercial promissory market

First, the primary market

(1) Interest rate: Take the representative 30-day commercial promissory note as an example. The highest interest rate in December is 0.95% and the lowest interest rate is 0.61%. The average initial valuation for the whole month is 0.74%, up 0.1 from last month. Percentage points (schedule 1).

(B) Circulation: short-term bills issued by the end of December through the “ticket custody clearing and settlement systems” *amounted to 2 trillion 41.7 billion yuan, down 22.9 billion yuan, or 1.11%; which commercial paper amounted to 1 trillion 760.6 billion yuan, a decrease of 47.2 billion yuan or 2.61% from the previous month (Schedule 4).

Second, the secondary market

(I) Interest rate: The commercial interest rate of the 30-day commercial promissory note in December was 0.649% and the lowest was 0.557%. The average initial valuation for the whole month was 0.61%, up 0.11 percentage points from the previous month (Schedule 1).

(2) Volume: The amount of short-term tickets sold through the “Buy Custody Settlement Delivery System” in December was 2,581.4 billion yuan, a decrease of 52.1 billion yuan or 1.98% from the previous month; of which the commercial cash flow was 2 trillion. 325 billion yuan, a decrease of 118.6 billion yuan or 4.85% from the previous month (Schedule 4).

*Includes commercial promissory notes, bank acceptance bills and bank transferable time deposit certificates purchased by brokers for the first time.

Source: Central Bank Of the Republic Of China (Taiwan)