Listening: The first round of the “National Water Control Review Conference” symposium started!

The first session of the National Water Control Review Conference (North District) was held at 2 pm today (16th) at the Far East Communication Park in Taipei. It was hosted by Wang Yifeng, Deputy Director of the Water Resources Department. The forum was first conducted by the Water Resources Department. According to the introduction, Keelung, Taipei, Xinbei, Taoyuan and Hsinchu County Governments shared the challenge and experience of water management in the local area. Finally, participants were invited to exchange views during the comprehensive discussion. Concerned about the public and experts attending the event, the speech is warm!

The Water Resources Department said that all the county and city governments attending the meeting agreed to face the extreme climate challenges brought about by climate change. Building a tough land and resilient city is the best solution. The county and city governments also provide valuable local conditions for local governance. Experiences, such as strengthening the maintenance and management of rainwater and underwater waterways and overall drainage planning, implementing runoff sharing and outflow control, strengthening urban water retention and water to create resilient cities, promoting internal and external water management while balancing ecological sustainability, smart technology disaster prevention and management, and promoting independent disaster prevention Community, etc. However, some local government representatives also said that the governance intensity protection standards may also require exception considerations.

The groups or people attending today also expressed their own experiences and expectations for the government’s flood control and water control. If you want to reduce the cementation project, consider environmental sustainability projects and water quality safety issues across counties and cities, and seek to improve the intensity of governance.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C