Taiwan Bank responds to the blood donation month event, blood and love

In order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, the Bank of Taiwan has not forgotten to care for social welfare activities when the banking industry is busy before the Lunar New Year, and the blood donation is launched on January 30, 2008, especially when the blood stocks are insufficient. Activities, and the bank called on senior executives and colleagues to donate blood, encourage colleagues and customers to play the spirit of fraternity, in the end of the winter, everyone came out, donate blood, use full of love and blood to help those in need The righteous and self-interested, let the society be full of love and positive energy.

The winter is cold and the weather is changeable, which affects the willingness of the general public to donate blood. It is easy to cause the blood to fail to reach the safety stock. The safety stock of the blood center is in danger of a serious blood shortage. Through the media, the society and young people are urged to join the blood donation. Paying attention to the blood safety stock, plus the 9-day holiday of the Lunar New Year, more need to have enough blood to live a happy and happy Lunar New Year. The Bank of Taiwan was informed of the blood shortage news, that is, it actively contacted the blood donation center, responded to the blood donation month, and planned to hold blood donation activities at the headquarters of the historical department.

108 On January 30, in the bank’s business sector mouth blood donation , blood donation and colleagues enthusiastic response of the people, work together to donate blood love and passionate scene, thanks to the act of love and devotion of people to donate blood, giving each person a movie ticket . At the same time, General Manager Qiu of the bank called for a blood donation and a life-saving life . Donating blood can not only help hospitals with blood patients to get help, but also important to ignite the enthusiasm for helping others and make their lives more valuable and meaningful. . Looking forward to play a valuable feedback effect, to arouse the people to donate blood and enthusiasm to develop the habit of regularly donate blood, chock a contribution to the effort to help the people most in need, so that Taiwan no shortage of blood for medical use .

Source: Ministry of Finance