Restaurant helping Hong Kongers suspends operations after attack

Taipei,  A Taipei restaurant that offers work opportunities to young Hong Kongers seeking shelter in Taiwan will continue to suspend its operations this coming week as the staff deals with the aftermath of an attack in which the attacker poured chicken feces on the premises, the restaurant said Saturday.

The attack on the restaurant Aegis occurred at noon on Friday, when an individual dressed in all black entered the restaurant and threw what appeared to be chicken feces at the counter, according to surveillance footage.

Aegis has been closed since, and the restaurant said Saturday that its operations will continue to be suspended for about a week.

A staff member’s eyes had been splashed with the foul matter and had to receive medical treatment, the restaurant said in a Facebook post. Most of the kitchen equipment was contaminated and will need to be replaced, it said.

Also on Saturday, police announced that they had arrested a suspect in the attack, a 25-year-old man surnamed Mo (莫).

Items such as buckets with fecal matter, and a hat and shoes resembling those worn by the offender were found at Mo’s residence in New Taipei, police said.

Although Mo initially told police during an interrogation that he decided to carry out the attack because he had suffered a bad stomachache after dining at the restaurant, he later said that he had been offered NT$15,000 (US$517) by three men to carry out the crime.

To prevent Mo from colluding with any possible accomplices, the Taipei District Prosecutors Office applied to have him detained and held incommunicado, which was granted by the Taipei District Court later Saturday.

Prosecutors on Saturday also arrested three suspected accomplices to the attack — two men in their 20s surnamed Li (李), who are cousins, and a 25-year-old man surnamed Chiang (江), who is a high school classmate of Mo’s.

Police found the three men lurking outside the Taipei District Court in the evening, and immediately arrested them.

Aegis, which is located in an alley on Taipei’s Xinsheng South Road, was opened on April 19 by Hong Kong lawyer Daniel Wong Kwok-tung (黃國桐).

The restaurant provides employment, one of the means for foreigners to legally stay in Taiwan, for Hong Kong protesters and others who fled to Taiwan after the 2019 anti-extradition law protests in Hong Kong.


Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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