CORONAVIRUS/Doctors recognized for contributions in fight against COVID-19

Taipei,  President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) on Saturday honored doctors who have made major contributions to combating COVID-19, including the discoverer of a cluster infection in Taiwan’s Navy and the inventor of a device to protect doctors from infection while intubating patients.

In remarks delivered to the annual convention of the Taiwan Medical Association (TMA), Tsai thanked Taiwan’s doctors and nurses for their front-line work to control the virus and for leading the country’s medical diplomacy efforts abroad.

She presented awards to three doctors selected by the TMA for their significant contributions to public health during the pandemic.

Among the recipients was TMA Deputy Secretary-General Lo Chun-hsuan (羅浚晅), who was honored for his work allocating personal protective equipment, including face masks, protective gowns and thermometers, to community clinics across the country after the pandemic began.

Taichung-based ear, nose and throat doctor Chou Yu-wen (周郁文), meanwhile, was recognized for discovering the first COVID-19 case in an April cluster of 36 infections aboard a Taiwanese Navy ship, potentially averting a much larger outbreak.

When a sailor came to Chou’s clinic complaining that he had lost his sense of smell, she quickly identified the symptom as a possible sign of COVID-19, despite the fact that the man’s National Health Insurance card showed no record of travel abroad, according to her award citation.

After learning that the man had recently traveled on a Navy goodwill mission to Palau, Chou referred him to a hospital for COVID-19 testing, where the diagnosis was confirmed.

Awardee Lai Hsien-yung (賴賢勇), an anesthesiologist with Mennonite Christian Hospital in Hualien, designed an acrylic box to keep a patient’s fine respiratory particles, known as aerosols, away from doctors while the patient is being intubated.

In March, Lai shared the design specifications for the box on Facebook, allowing it to be widely reproduced in countries lacking medical resources, such as Indonesia and the Philippines.

The TMA event was held to coincide with the celebration of Doctors Day in Taiwan on Nov. 12.


Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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