Alishan promotes Silk Road of Love

Provincial Highway 18 has been publicized as a road of wedding photography this year by the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration. This highway passes through various popular scenic spots in the Alishan Region, such as the Fisherman’s Wharf in Dongshi, as well as the Niupuzi Meadow and the Tianchang and Dijiu Bridges in Chukou. These places are all situated along the Tropic of Cancer and thus the highway is nicknamed the “N235 Silk Road of Love” (N235 sounds like “Falling in Love with Me” in Chinese) by the organizer. Would-be brides and grooms are welcome to take memorial wedding photos in these places and make them a part of their lasting memories. In particular, six “love tokens” are now open to the public on the Niupuzi Meadow. Respectively, they symbolize “Always with You,” “True Love,” and “Wishes of Happiness,” etc. It is exactly because of these romantic facilities that Niupuzi has recently become a hot spot for wedding photography.

Other recommended photo-taking destinations along the highway include the Trail of Sunset in Dingshizuo, the retro-style Fenqi Lake, and a Taiwanese incense cedar forest that seem to reach the sky. The mini trains, divine trees, and the “Heart-Shaped” and “Dragon & Phoenix” trees in the Alishan National Scenic Area shall also bring a special touch to wedding photos.

Take a combined wedding photography and honeymoon trip to the Alishan and bring home some wonderful, lasting memories!