Pensioners, don’t be fooled!

The Comptroller General’s Department confirmed. There will be no increase, decrease or cancellation of pensions.

Miss Thiwaporn Phasuk, Deputy Director-General of the Comptroller General’s Department As a spokesperson for the Comptroller General’s D…


Increase space by using one ID card to protect everywhere.

Government Spokesperson It is recommended to use only one ID card. Indicating that the government intends to expand the 30 baht patent for treatment everywhere, piloting it in 4 provinces, ensuring that people have universal access to the public heal…


(EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Jan. 10)

Build up space projects

Assembly processes a bill to create Korea Aerospace Administration

Korea took the first step to establish its own equivalent to the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

A special bill to create the Korea Aerosp…


Air Force to ease eye exam requirement for prospective pilots

The Air Force said Wednesday it will ease an eye examination requirement for aspiring pilots this year after determining that aviators with refractive error can safely conduct missions with corrective eye surgery.

The military branch will ease the r…