Colder weather looming later this week

Taipei, The initial effects of a cold front are expected to be felt in Taiwan on Tuesday, bringing sporadic rain to northern and eastern parts of the country, before intensifying later in the week, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Temperatures on Tuesday will fall to 16-24 degrees Celsius in northern Taiwan, 18-25 degrees in eastern Taiwan, 16-28 degrees in central Taiwan and 19-30 degrees in southern Taiwan, according to CWB.

The full continental cold air mass is likely to move into Taiwan beginning on Wednesday and result in large temperature differences between northern and southern Taiwan, the CWB said.

The mercury will drop further in the northern half of Taiwan on Thursday and Friday to lows of 12-14 degrees at night and in the early morning and hit highs of no more than 16-19 degrees.

The lows will also fall to 14-16 degrees and the highs will be limited to 20-24 degrees in Hualien and Taitung counties in the east and in southern Taiwan.

Due to the increase of moisture in the atmosphere, Taiwan should also see sporadic rainfall later in the week.

The weather is expected to become more stable on Saturday when the effects of the cold air mass weakens.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel