Control Yuan censures MOE over university president rule change

Taipei, The Control Yuan Thursday requested the cancellation of a 2013 legal interpretation issued by the Ministry of Education (MOE) that relaxed the qualification requirement for university presidents and enabled National Yang Ming University (NYMU) to be the first national university to appoint an associate professor as its President.

Control Yuan official Chang Kuei-mei (???) pointed out that the MOE interpretation of Article 10 item 1 of the Act Governing the Appointment of Educators, which allows candidates to submit prior teaching and academic research experience equivalent to that required of a professor, illegally expands the scope and qualifications pertaining to the term “equivalent to that of a professor.”

NYMU President Steve Kuo (???) was the first to use the regulation which has been found to be inappropriate, said Chang.

Kuo is an associate professor, said the Control Yuan official, adding that the selection committee had no clear review process, allowing it to essentially make the decision itself.

Such an approach is disastrous for the field of education, she added.

MOE Department of Personnel head Chen Kun-yuan (???) said the selection process at NYMU has been completed and the Control Yuan’s statement today will have no impact on Kuo who is the legally appointed president of NYMU.

Kuo was appointed NYMU president at a ceremony Dec. 29, 2017 and is expected to serve until Dec. 28, 2021, according to a NYMU report.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel