Death toll in Hualien earthquake rises to 15

Taipei, Feb. 10 (CNA) A search and rescue team has found one of three people still unaccounted for in a building in Hualien more than 80 hours after it partially collapsed in a magnitude 6.0 earthquake in the eastern county on Tuesday night.

The body was retrieved from the Yun Men Tsui Ti commercial and residential complex at about 3 p.m., increasing the death toll to 15.

Following the latest rescue efforts, two individuals remain unaccounted for. In addition to the 15 deaths, the earthquake also left 280 injured.

This was the third body found in the same hotel room, with search and rescue teams expecting to find another two bodies in the same location. The three bodies and two unaccountable for are believed to be members of the same Chinese family staying at the Beauty Inn on the second floor of the Yun Men Tsui Ti building.

The three bodies have not yet been identified, according to the rescue team. One of the three bodies is believed to be that of a young boy, the rescue team added.

The Chinese family of five was visiting Taiwan and staying at the inn when the quake struck close to midnight on Feb. 6. During the earthquake, the building tipped over, and the first four floors collapsed on top of each other.

The five Chinese are grandparents Ding Wenchang (???) and He Fenghua (???), aged 76 and 75, respectively; parents Yang Jie (??) and Ding Shouhui (???), aged 39 and 40; and their 12-year-old son Yang Haoran (???).

Of the 15 deaths caused by the earthquake, 12 were in the Yun Men Tsui Ti commercial and residential complex.

Source: Focus Taiwan