Eslite chooses Xinyi store as new 24-hour location

Taipei,  Eslite Spectrum Corp., which runs the popular Eslite bookstore chain in Taiwan, said Thursday that its Xinyi location will succeed its Dunnan store as the chain’s 24-hour outlet.

The 24-hour bookstore will be on the third floor of Eslite’s Xinyi location, stocked with over 170,000 books and other merchandise — 1.8 times the volume of the Dunnan store — Eslite Chairman Mercy Wu (吳旻潔) said at a press conference.

The bookstore, which currently operates from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., will begin its new 24-hour schedule on a trial basis on May 29, Wu continued.

On the same day, a record store and supermarket, also located on the third floor, will begin 24-hour operations, she said, making it the only 24-hour record store in Taiwan.

Commenting on why the Xinyi location was chosen, Wu said it offered “more space for imagination,” explaining that this gave it greater potential for more diverse development.

Eslite CEO Li Chieh-hsiu (李介修), meanwhile, cited the Xinyi store’s convenient location and larger size, which he said made it a more suitable choice.

In an online campaign launched in early April, in which Eslite invited its fans to predict which location would become the new 24-hour outlet, the Xinyi outlet won hands down.

Another location that was popular in the campaign was Eslite’s Park Lane by CMP location in the central city of Taichung, although Wu said on Thursday that it is unlikely it will become a permanent 24-hour bookstore.

The company is considering, however, opening it for 24 hours per day during special promotional periods, Wu said.

Eslite’s Dunnan store, which will close on May 31 due to the expiration of its lease, started to remain open 24 hours a day in 1999 following its opening in 1989, making it one of the only bookstores in the world to operate around the clock.

At the press conference, Wu added that as long as Eslite exists, there will be a 24-hour bookstore in Taiwan, as this is an important promise the company has made with Taiwanese society.

The building in which the Dunnan Eslite is located is to be demolished and rebuilt under an urban renewal project launched by the Cathay Financial group, which has ownership over the land.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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