Ex-MAC minister assumes chair of Straits Exchange Foundation

Taipei, Chang Hsiao-yueh (???), a former chief of the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), assumed office Tuesday as chairwoman of the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF), the semi-official intermediary body that deals with cross-Taiwan Strait affairs.

Chang was appointed at an SEF board meeting earlier in the day to take over the position from her predecessor, Tien Hung-mao (???).

Asked about her new job, Chang, a veteran diplomat who stepped down from her MAC position one month ago, said she hopes to meet with her Chinese counterpart, the head of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS), at some point in the future.

Chang said she does not mind where such a meeting might take place, but stressed that it is important it is held in the manner of “fairness, reciprocity and dignity.”

She suggested that the two sides across the strait treat each other with respect and shelve their differences while interacting and trying to seek common ground.

The SEF and ARATS handle cross-strait affairs in the absence of formal relations between Taiwan and China.

Chang said the SEF serves both Taiwanese people in China and Chinese people in Taiwan and in cases involving emergency assistance and relief, it works 24 hours a day.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel