Malaysian man, three Taiwan nationals arrested for drug smuggling

Taipei, A Malaysian man and three Taiwan nationals were arrested on Thursday for attempting to smuggle 5,024 grams of ketamine into Taiwan.

The Aviation Police Bureau revealed on Friday that its officers and customs officials stopped a Malaysian man who arrived at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on Thursday afternoon after his suitcase was tagged during an x-ray inspection. When the case was searched found four packs of ketamine totaling 5,024 grams were found.

The drugs were kept inside a bag labeled pork jerky to disguise them, the bureau noted.

The officers contacted Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office which asked Taoyuan police to stake out the nearby area for the Malaysian national’s local contacts who it was expected would be there to meet him.

As a result of the operation three Taiwan nationals were arrested and are currently helping police with their investigation in an effort to track down other members of the drug smuggling ring behind the operation.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel