Melodies for the Asian Games Incheon 2014 filling Incheon International Airport!

Join the ‘Amazing Global Concert’

September 22-26, featuring top domestic and overseas artists like Paul Potts, Oh Jeong-hae, Poppin’ Hyun Joon, Park Ae-ri and others

Traditional performances of Incheon Asian Games participants such as China, Vietnam and Mongolia will also make appearances

INCHEON, South Korea, September 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Incheon International Airport, providing high-class cultural and art performances all year round, will put on exciting performances in celebration of the Asian Games Incheon 2014.

Art & Culture take place all year round at Asia Hub Incheon Airport!

Incheon International Airport’s regular performance in celebration of the Asian Games Incheon 2014 titled the “Amazing Global Concert,” will be given at the Central Millennium Hall on the first floor of the Passenger Terminal for 5 days from September 22 through September 26. This concert series will feature top domestic and overseas artists as well as traditional performances of troupes from countries participating in the Incheon Asian Games, all of which will be staged for about an hour from 4:00pm every day. Everyone visiting the airport can enjoy the performance free of charge.

On September 22, the first day of the performance series, Poppin’ Hyun Joon and Park Ae-ri will once again perform their wildly popular version of pansori that they originally presented on KBS ‘Immortal Songs.’ The performance exquisitely harmonizes traditional pansori with modern poppin’ dance. At Incheon International Airport they can be seen performing together yet again with the Gyeonggi Provincial Traditional Music Orchestra.

On September 23, the K-TIGERS, who thrill audiences with their quiet artistic performances showcasing Taekwondo moves, the main sports event for Korea at the Asian Games, will show off their group dance. On September 24, Korea’s much beloved folk singer, Oh Jeong-hae, who debuted as Song Hwa in the movie Seopyeonj, will collaborate with the ARS Philharmonic Orchestra to give a very special performance.

On September 25, troupes from countries participating in the Incheon Asian Games will offer traditional performances to bring cultural exchange to the visitors. The Asian music ensemble will show off a fantastic sinawi (a kind of traditional Korean music) consisting of the traditional musical instruments of various countries, such as Vietnam’s dan bau, Mongolia’s yochin and Korea’s daegeum (pipe) and janggu (double-headed drum). The Philippine Bacolod Dance Team, famous for their outstanding performance at the Philippines Masskara Festival featuring exotic masks and colorful costumes, an ensemble led by Peng Li-ying, the winner of the Korea Multicultural Art Award 2014 who plays the traditional Chinese musical instrument guzheng, and China’s KC Ensemble and ‘Biao Han Lion Dance’ are all scheduled to give exotic performances.

On September 26, the last day of the regular performance series, opera singer Paul Potts, a former cell phone shopkeeper who became a global star after winning Britain’s Got Talent in 2007 with his touching performance will give a high-class cultural performance together with the Mostly Philharmonic Orchestra.

For those who want to enjoy the Amazing Global Concert at close range, some seats can be specially reserved. Anyone can reserve seats at the Incheon International Airport website ( The airport is also hosting a Facebook Comment Event. The best comments of some of the passengers who used the Incheon International Airport will be picked to receive reserved seats for the Paul Potts performance.

“We prepared the regular performance in hopes that the Asian Games Incheon 2014 will be successful,” said Choi Hong-yeol, acting CEO of the Incheon International Airport Corporation. “I hope that the passengers visiting the airport during the games will be able to enjoy not only the excellent cultural contents of Korea, but also the true harmony of Asian cultures through these performances.”

The Millennium Hall Stage on the first floor of the Passenger Terminal, the venue for the regular performances, has been made into a gallery where a beautiful landscape and works of art have been artfully formed in harmony under the theme of a ‘Gallery in a Garden,’ drawing the attention of airport visitors. Currently, the installation art works of Lee Gil-hae, who delivers messages of a life inspired by pine trees with symbolic nature-friendly images and presents Oriental scenery and the dynamism of organisms, are on display in this gallery. The works of many artists will be introduced at the stage gallery every season.

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