Number of furloughed workers in Taiwan up again

Taipei,  The number of furloughed employees in Taiwan continued to rise over the past week because of the growing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the country’s economy.

As of April 24, a total of 18,265 workers had agreed with their employers to go on unpaid leave, up 3,444 from seven days earlier, while 804 companies had unpaid leave programs, up 216 from a week earlier, the statistics showed.

The number was the highest since the global financial crisis, when the number of people on unpaid leave peaked at just over 238,000 in February 2009.

Taipei and New Taipei registered the highest number of furloughed workers at 8,480, consisting of 2,763 employees at 182 companies in Taipei and 5,717 workers at 253 firms in New Taipei.

Tainan reported 1,864 furloughed workers at 60 companies, Taoyuan registered 1,347 at 57 firms, and Nantou 1,053 at 11 enterprises, according to the data.

The manufacturing sector registered the highest number of furloughed workers of any sector with 6,061, followed by the hospitality and food/beverage industry with 4,559, and the wholesale and retail sector with 3,386.

Meanwhile, the number of furloughed workers in Hsinchu Science Park, one of Taiwan’s most important tech production hubs, stood at 743 this week, a slight rise over 704 recorded over a week ago.

According to the MOL, most of the companies implementing unpaid leave are small enterprises with workforces of fewer than 50 people.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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