Respected Jewish religious leader in Taiwan dies aged 103

Ephraim Ferdinand Einhorn, a local Jewish religious leader, died at National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei on Wednesday after succumbing to a long illness, according to the Taiwan Jewish Community (TJC).

Einhorn was a much-respected spiritual leader of the Taiwan Jewish Community for many years. His death came three days after his 103rd birthday, the TJC said in a statement.

He is survived by two daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren living in the United States.

Einhorn was born in Vienna in 1918 and was trained as a rabbi, a Jewish scholar or teacher who studies or teaches Jewish law, in London.

He had lived in Taiwan since 1975. Besides officiating at religious services for the Jewish Sabbath and holidays, he also ran a business, World Patent Trading Co., that developed innovative products for use as corporate promotional giveaways.

He was also an active participant in the local expatriate community as a member of the Rotary Club, American Club, American Chamber of Commerce, and the European Chamber of Commerce.

Former TJC President Don Shapiro described Einhorn as a “remarkable individual.”

“He had a prodigious memory, high-level contacts in many different countries, and was fluent in seven languages — eight if you count two dialects of Yiddish.

“If you were to give him your business card, you would get back a pack of up to a dozen cards representing his various affiliations, at one time including chairman of Republicans Abroad in Taiwan,” said Shapiro.

Einhorn used his connections in Eastern European countries, notably in Poland and Lithuania, to help promote unofficial relations with Taiwan, according to Shapiro.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel