Seven arrested for forming shell companies to recruit migrant workers

New Taipei-Police recently arrested seven suspects on suspicion of forming a number of shell companies to bring migrant workers into Taiwan in exchange for service fees, earning the suspects a monthly income of NT$500,000 (US$17,488) over the past two years, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) said Wednesday.

Acting on tipoffs, the NIA and police authorities in Taoyuan raided the shell companies located in northern Taiwan and other locations on March. 12, the NIA said in a press release.

The authorities arrested two chief suspects: a Taiwanese surnamed Liang (?) and a runaway Vietnamese migrant worker, who were allegedly in charge of the illicit operation.

They also confiscated account books, passbooks, passports, and a list of the migrant workers they had hired, during the raids.

The case was handed over to the Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office for further investigation for alleged violations of forgery and violating the Employment Service Act, according to the NIA.

According to the NIA, Liang and the Vietnamese worker jointly set up a number of front companies in 2019 and used them to obtain government permission to employ migrant workers in Taiwan.

The NIA said the company had introduced more than 30 migrant workers into Taiwan.

In bringing in these workers from overseas, the suspects received a one-time recruitment fee of NT$200,000 and a monthly service charge of NT$9,000 from each of them.

Although the shell companies claimed that they brought in the migrant workers to work in specific jobs, many of them were later found working in other places, including a plastic surgery clinic, a tattoo shop and running online auction sites, the NIA said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel