Signing of administrative contract not surrender: league chairwoman

Taipei-The signing of an administrative contract should not be regarded as a surrender but rather as a step toward reconciliation, National Women’s League (NWL) Chairwoman Joanna Lei (??) said Tuesday.

Taking a hard approach by refusing to sign the contract will only cause the government to exert more pressure on the NWL, Lei said.

The contract will be a follow up to a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed Dec. 29 between the NWL, the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) and the Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee, under which the NWL would agree to donate 90 percent of its assets to the national coffers and submit to public oversight.

After the fund donation, the balance of the league’s assets will be used to fund its charity work, according to the MOU.

In addition, new elections will be held for the boards of the league’s various foundations and organizations, including the Hua Hsing Children’s Home, the NWL Foundation for the Hearing Impaired and the Hua Xia Women’s Foundation, with one-third of the board members being government officials, to ensure public oversight.

The NWL was established in 1950 by former first lady Soong Mei-ling (???), with its officials mainly composed of the wives of important military figures.

The original purpose of the league was to unite the nation’s women to take care of military dependents so that soldiers on the frontline could concentrate on their duties without having to worry too much about their families.

The group has come under scrutiny because of allegations that it illegally profited from close ties to the former ruling Kuomintang, which is currently being investigated by the Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee.

According to the chairwomen, the league will hold a league delegates meeting on Wednesday to decide whether to sign the administrative contract.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel