Suspect in Kaohsiung dismemberment case arrested by police

Kaohsiung, A suspect in the gruesome dismemberment of an elderly man was arrested in Kaohsiung on Thursday, two days after two duffel bags filled with body parts were found in the city’s Love River.

After reviewing footage from nearby surveillance cameras and recovering fingerprints from the victim, the suspect surnamed Luo was arrested by police in Lingya District in the early hours of Thursday, captain Weng Shih-min of the investigation unit at Sanmin First Precinct said at a press briefing.

Based on DNA testing, police on Wednesday identified the remains as being that of an 80-year old man, a local resident identified by his last name Wang .

A cleaning crew employed by the city’s environmental protection bureau found the bags on Tuesday when they were cleaning up a section of the river near Jiuru Bridge, at which point they immediately called police after finding what they believed to be blood leaking from the bags.

A dumb bell was also found in one of the bags, alongside the remains.

On Thursday, the police precinct said it has been determined that the two men were friends, adding that the suspect, who is unemployed, admitted to murdering Wang over money.

After further questioning, Luo revealed to authorities that the two men got into a heated argument last Saturday when Wang refused to lend him any more money. At which point, Luo said he choked Wang until he gave him the code to his bank card.

According to the Kaohsiung police, nearby surveillance cameras caught Luo leaving Wang’s home on Jianguo Road that day.

Meanwhile, video footage also showed him disposing of two duffel bags late Monday.

The police did not detail what Luo did with the remains in the intervening period.

Luo left to get a kitchen knife and the bags from his home and returned to Wang’s house to dismember the body, police added.

The case has been handed over to the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office for further investigation.


Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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