Taiwan business group to donate 2,000 protective gowns to Philippines

Manila,  A Taiwanese business group in the Philippines on Friday said it will donate 2,000 protective gowns to local medical personnel to help slow the spread of the new coronavirus that has infected over 1,000 medical workers in the country.

At a handover ceremony that day, Taiwanese Association Philippines (TAP) chairwoman Huang Ya-hui (黃雅惠) gave 500 protective gowns to Philippines House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Rose Marie Arenas.

The donation was part of 2,000 protective gowns purchased with the 1.8 million Philippine pesos (NT$1.067 million) raised by Taiwanese business people in the Philippines, Huang said.

Due to limited protective supplies, some 1,062 medical personnel in the Philippines have been infected with the coronavirus, she said, adding that there are fears the local medical system may collapse.

TAP also plans to donate another 500 protective gowns in the future to help local hospitals, while the remaining 1,000 will be given to the Philippines’ National Kidney and Transplant Institute and Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center, Huang said.

Even though Metro Manila has been in lock down for over a month, the number of new coronavirus infections confirmed each day does not seem to be slowing down, Huang said.

“There are around two to three hundred new cases everyday. It is really scary and everyone is worried,” Huang said.

According to World Health Organization data, as of Thursday, the Philippines had a total of 6,710 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 111 new cases, and a total of 446 deaths.

Globally, COVID-19 has infected 2,732,708 people in 184 countries and regions, including 880,610 in the U.S., 213,024 in Spain, 189,973 in Italy, 185,023 in France and 148,046 in Germany, with a total of 189,897 fatalities, according to Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center statistics as of Friday.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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