Taiwan’s Filipino rappers to face battle rappers from the Philippines

Taipei, A group of new Filipino battle rappers living in Taiwan will be selected at an upcoming rap battle where the winners will be allowed a chance to step in the ring and compete alongside seasoned battle emcees from the Philippines, according to event organizer Alpha Martial Eagles Production (AMEP) Saturday.

The Laklakan Series Volume 1 Lokal Artist Rap Battle + Open Mic Session will be held on April 8 in Chungli.

AMEP head Allan Viray said all of the rappers who have entered the event are “first-timers” in battling and from the event “we hope to see who has potential.”

The contest is designed for local Filipino battle rappers and aspiring local Filipino emcees to show their talents, in order to “discover more Filipino battle emcees from Taiwan.”

“I just want to raise them up to develop new battle rappers, their potentials and their careers,” Viray said, noting that he also wants them to “have fun with (other) Filipinos.”

“These kind of rap battles are happening in other countries and cities like Japan and Dubai, so we can also have it here in Taiwan,” Viray explained.

The format of each rap battle will be three rounds with 90 seconds per round, Viray noted, adding that the battle will allow “writtens.”

When asked the difference between “writtens” and “freestyle” battles, Viray explained the difference between a written battle and a freestyle battle is that for “writtens” they will study their opponents beforehand as opposed to a “freestyle” which is making rhymes up on the spot.

Five to seven judges who come from a background of hip hop and battle rap will judge the contestants, Viray said.

There will be five winners as there are five battles, Viray said, and the winners will progress onto Laklakan 2, a battle rap event which is scheduled to be held in July that will feature battle hardened Sinio and Shernan who have both competed in the professional FlipTop battle league.

One of the rappers competing is Ray, who comes from the city of Valenzuela in the Philippines. It’s his first time to battle. He talked about his opponent.

“Joey Write has a big group here in Taiwan called Brown 101 and it is going to be very interesting to battle a rapper like him,” said Ray.

Another rapper participating in the event is DJ, from Quezon City, Philippines. He said: “I’m 24 years old and I don’t have any group so I represent myself.”

He welcomes others who hear his skills to contact him to see if there is any possibility of collaboration.

“Good luck to my opponent,” DJ said. “I will send a coffin to your house so do not worry if you die due to my rhymes (and) I will show you my talent and destroy you in front of many people.”

The line up for the event is Ace J vs. Menor De Edad, Kenrick vs. Lady Beb, Joey Write vs. Ray, Diablo vs. Rzone and Kevin J vs. DJ, Viray stated.

There will also be a open mic session at the event where people from the audience will be allowed to call out any of the battle rappers present and request a battle, Viray said.

The Laklakan Series Volume 1 Lokal Artist Rap Battle + Open Mic Session is organized by Alpha Martial Eagles Production, a six-member troupe headed by Allan Viray, which works to bring entertainment options to Filipino migrants working in Taiwan.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel