New Alishan shuttle bus to Fenqi Lake takes off now

To make it easier to travel in the Alishan area, a new route entitled “Alishan B1” was launched by the Taiwan tourist Shuttle on March 1, 2014.
The route starts at Shizhao and ends in Fenqi Lake, a key tourist attraction in the Alishan National Scenic Area. Eight such shuttle services are provided daily from 12:00 to 14:40, so that visitors can travel more seamlessly if they wish to take the Alishan Forest Trains.
Additional direct shuttles between Alishan and Fenqi Lake are provided twice a day. The two bus trips may be taken from 10:30 to 11:30 from Alishan to Fenqi Lake, and from 14:40 to 15:40 from Fenqi Lake to Alishan. This schedule also allows visitors to take the forest trains more easily.
Convenient shuttle between THSR Chiayi Station and Alishan has also been enhanced. Not only that Alishan-THSR combo tickets were launched in February 2013 after the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration took over the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle; from January 1, 2014 on, additional service of Alishan Route A (THSR Chiayi Station – Alishan) has been offered, from the previous 4 daily buses to 6 (outbound: 13:10 & inbound: 10:40), so that visitors may better plan their trips.
Tseng Han-chou, head of the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration, welcomed the public to take the convenient and friendly Taiwan Tourist Shuttle to visit Alishan. It is expected that, soon, a truly seamless transport system can be established in the Alishan region, and that Fenqi Lake and the various scenic spots along Provincial Highway No. 18 may be enjoyed effortlessly at once.
For more information of the Alishan Route, please visit the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle website at: