About Us

The Taiwan News Wire has the long history of publishing news of all kinds to its regular readers. The website covers both domestic and international news, which is related to the Taiwan and its people. Our website is known for its unbiased reporting and that landmark, we have achieved through supporting the sense of following the basic norms of the journalism in the news industry. As our news website is in the news industry for the longest period of time, we constantly strive to highlight the issues of common people and that is the reason behind our existence in the news industry. The team behind this news website does not run after ratings, as according to our website policy “having ratings is the second thing” for us, because our first priority is to provide the accurate news to people because if we succeed in it will subtly get us ratings and this is the legal approach of doing it.

As people of the rest of the world trust our news website in order to find the details of current events of all sectors of Taiwan, it shows that our credibility is much stronger to be questioned. The story behind coming up authentic news on our news website for which the people of other regions trust, is our motivation and strong belief that inauthentic news will ruin our news website image and achieving the trust of people back will not be an easy task.

The website has been the first choice of the owners of different businesses, when it comes to the marketing needs of their businesses, because it makes them explore the new markets of other regions. As through submitting press releases on our news website, they succeed in achieving many things such as new international customers, high number of traffic on the site, and better conversion rate. The audience, which attracts to your business through seeing your press release on our news website has more chances to turn into your loyal customers, this is because they trust every advertisement which goes live on our news website. The Taiwan Press Release Services is the service which every startup business looks for in order to become the successful ones.

No website has stronger presence on all the social media forums than this website, as we have a specific team, which makes sure that each comment of our readers on different social media sites is acknowledged. This shows we value our readers’ points of views about different news on our news website and that is what the media ethics speak out about. Our readers also enjoy our services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds in order stay informed about everything.