(LEAD) All cattle now vaccinated against lumpy skin disease

SEOUL, the agriculture ministry said Saturday it has completed its nationwide campaign to vaccinate all cattle against lumpy skin (LSD) disease, less than a month after the country reported its first-ever infection.The ministry has inoculated some 4.05…


Over 84 pct of cattle got vaccines against lumpy skin disease

SEOUL, More than 84 percent of cattle in South Korea have been vaccinated against lumpy skin disease (LSD), with the country struggling with the rapidly spreading disease nationwide, officials said Sunday.Over 3.45 million cows out of the total 4.07 m…


Rubella eradicated in N. Korea with mass vaccinations: WHO

SEOUL, The World Health Organization (WHO) has said the rubella virus has been wiped out in North Korea on the back of large-scale vaccinations for children and young women.The WHO said it has “concluded that endemic rubella virus has been eliminated …