UN CALLING ASIA: Cost of maternity protection in Asia lower than overall cost to society

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A mother and her newborn child at the new hospital in Suai, Timor-Leste. UN Photo/Martine Perret

The cost of providing maternity benefits to women in Asia is less than the overall cost to society if those payments are not made, according to the International Labour Organization. The ILO says currently only 12 per cent of Asian countries are complying with internationally agreed standards on maternity protection.  Daniel Dickinson caught up with Laura Addati, a maternity protection specialist at the ILO. He began by asking her about the situation for women in Asia.

New skills change attitudes and build confidence in rural Nepal

Sunita Thapa Margar. (video capture)

Women in rural Nepal are learning new skills which are not only allowing them to provide for their families, but are also changing attitudes. The skills are helping the women in western Nepal to start their own micro enterprises, as part of a programme supported by the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). As James Heer reports, the new businesses are helping women to gain economic independence and to reduce poverty in the South Asian country.

Indigenous youth “penalised” for being indigenous

A close-up of one the displays for the exhibit, “Indigenous Peoples and Food Sovereignty” at the UN. (2012) UN Photo/Mark Garten

The world’s indigenous youth are being penalised for being indigenous. So says Tuhi Marktukaw, a member of the Pinuyumayan people of Taiwan. She believes that indigenous populations around the world have been too trusting of governments assuming that they will uphold their rights. Often this has not been the case. Sophie Outhwaite spoke to Tuhi Marktukaw about the challenges her people face.

Presenter: Daniel Dickinson

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