Make Time Different – LIBER AEDON, Deducing the Brand Legend

NEW YORK, September 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Originating from the United States, LA-LIBER AEDON is a customizable wrist watch brand established by Mr. Alexander Kern. In the late of 20th century, invited by Italian noble designer Mr. Cosimo Alighieri, LA-LIBER AEDON came to Europe from the U.S. and was known by the public as a wrist watch brand sought by upstarts and celebrities. At present, LA-LIBER AEDON has become a world-renowned wrist watch brand. With the participation of many famous designers, more than one daily-wearing watch series manufactured by LIBER AEDON are widely appreciated and sought after for its cutting-edge technology and extensive customization options for its high-end personal wrist watch. Not merely refining on design, wrist watches from LIBER AEDON combine both advanced proprietary technology and traditional horological technology. With its visually impactful original design and super comfortable wear, LIBER AEDON is always unique in the wrist watch industry.

Origin: from the pilot watch to the first generation of watches

In 1904, when most of the power and wealth were still addicted to gem pocket watches, Alberto Santos Dumont, the first flight record holder, had gotten his first wrist watch. It’s inconvenient to get a pocket watch out while flying an airplane. Dumont asked help from his friend, the treasure merchant Louis Francois Cartier, to design a watch which could be convenient for telling time during flight. Inspired by Dumont, Cartier got an idea to tie a pocket watch to the wrist with a belt and a button, which solved the problem his friend met in flight. The first pocket watch tied to the wrist is the exact predecessor of today’s wrist watch. In 1911, this kind of watch was commercialized. Hereafter, the wrist watch’s popularity began to rise. Mr. Kevin Kern, Alexander Kern’s grandfather, was one of the owners of these original wrist watches. His grandfather presented this old mechanical wrist watch to Alexander as a coming-of-age gift when he joined the army, hoping his grandson could control his own life and cherish the time.

Exploration: customized army watches with high precision and ultra comfort

In 1967, the Swiss turned a quartz clock into a quartz watch for the first time, which is a milestone: the timing precision of wrist watch was greatly improved, but also a new multi-functional movement of wrist watch was invented, which caused the poor sale of the traditional mechanical watch. As a fan of traditional mechanical watches, Alexander had a deep thought on this change: through technical control, both mechanical and quartz watches can be very accurate. However, the mechanical watch is very heavy, uncomfortable when wearing and unsuited to preciseness when executing daily tasks. Because of his military career in the No.4 Infantry Division of the U.S. Army, Alexander knew a lot of cutting-edge military equipment, which shaped his strict requirements for a wrist watch. For him, no matter if its mechanical or quartz, the movement of a watch must be an accurate one. The wrist watch should also be comfortable and convenient to wear. After his retirement from the military in 1975, Alexander Kern returned to his hometown and devoted himself to watch making. Two years later, he founded his own brand, LIBER AEDON, and applied himself to customizing the unique, comfortable and professional wrist watch for a certain customer.

In the following 20 years, LIBER AEDON has been insisting on a unique style for its brand, which makes this American wrist watch distinguishable from most of Swiss watch. Its tough military appearance and sporty style attracted many European nobles and wealthy customers. However, its production is limited by the watch’s complicated customized craftsmanship. The demand always exceeds supply.

Attempt: compiling with the trend of the times

Alexander Kern not only has an original taste and knowledge of design, but is also a sports enthusiast. Since the brand was first established, the LIBER AEDON wrist watch has required much more than its quality to provide those who love sports and life an accurate, fashionable and professional timing experience.

Transition: a balanced product line with stylish accessories of the middle class

From the late 1980s to the early 1990s, with public acceptance of artists and designers’ taste, vogue objects and the SOHO lifestyle swept the world from the U.S. Meanwhile, sports watches encountered great decline. LIBER AEDON, Breguet and many brands that carried sports wrist watches suffered a crisis.

In 1997, invited by Italian noble designer Mr. Cosimo Alighieri, LIBER AEDON came to Europe. In Europe, the great market reaction collided with the designer’s mind. Based on this, Alexander decided to put a balanced production line into use, which could make a balance between customization and volume production. It means more people with high-level taste could get more comfortable daily timing service with a sense of design.

In the end of 1997, New Roma, the first batch of daily wrist watch, was sought by upstarts and celebrities the moment it appeared on the market. The public was astonished by such a comfortable wrist watch, though it’s not a customized one. To commemorate this breakthrough, Alexander decided to unite the most cutting-edge designers every three years to release a free series wrist watch, paying his respects to designers and craftsmen who made this breakthrough, as well as the spirit of freedom.

Dependent on its brand spirit, break through freely and continuously, LIBER AEDON has more than 100 dealers all over the world. In the past five years, its CAGR has reached up to 87 percent, and LIBER AEDON has been widely accepted by people with high-level taste from Europe and America, and around the globe.

Alexander Kern said, “In regards to judging a good watch, I think, there is no specific standard. People need different things. What makes LIBER AEDON special? I think it lies in our own standard which could be changed by the demand of customers. We expect to help everyone to find the watch that only belongs to him or her. With this watch, he or she can control the pace of life and lead a free life.