Venchi – Italian Fine Chocolate Made for the Health-Conscious

BREAKING NEWS FOR CHOCOLATE LOVERS — indulging in chocolates is no longer a guilt trip!

HONG KONG, Sept. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Italian fine chocolatier Venchi has opened its flagship store at the Pottinger, Stanley Street, Hong Kong! Silviano Venchi founded his first confectionery shop in Piedmont in 1878. One century on, Venchi is still making chocolate and gelato with the same passion, quality, and craftsmanship as before. Often still using the same recipes as 130 years ago, Venchi is certain to transform cocoa into an exceptional experience to all. Venchi’s declaration:

Venchi @ The Pottinger Central 1
Venchi @ The Pottinger Central 1


Venchi @ The Pottinger Central 2
Venchi @ The Pottinger Central 2


Venchi Chocolight
Venchi Chocolight


We are mad about chocolate. We love it excessively, without any limits.

We love it in any way, shape or form: it in powder or in granules; hot or cold. We love it at all times  – anytime  – and forever more.


We are destined to care for your health and palette at the same time.

All our products are gluten free.

We always use high-quality fresh milk and cream.

We always use vegetable fats from olive oil, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, and cocoa butter.

We don’t like hydrogenated fats, additives, artificial colourings, aroma enhancers and the likes.

We make chocolates the Italian way and we combine our glorious heritage with IGP-certified Piedmont hazelnuts (packed with vitamin E and oleic aci), Sicilian pistachios and Ligurian olive oil.Mass-produced industrially made chocolate is just not our thing.


In line with our philosophy and mission to "make good chocolate that is good for everyone", we have created a special line of ‘no added sugar’ chocolates sweetened with maltitol, ideal for people who suffer from glycemic disorders or those on a hypocaloric diet.

This line contains no added sugar as it is sweetened with maltitol, a completely natural substance extracted by processing the maltose contained in maize, which gives the palate a taste very similar to sugar but does not have any of its contraindications. They are also low calories, just contain half the amount of calories that sugar has. Maltitol, slowly absorbed by the organism, drastically reduces the presence of glucose and allows people with diabetic problems to maintain a low glycemic index.

"No sugar added" doesn’t mean it isn’t sweet! As a sugar substitute we use maltitol, a natural sweetener of plant origin, completely gluten free with organoleptic properties similar to those of sugar.


We’re delighted because it turns out that good chocolate is good for you!

It improves your memory, lifts your spirits and lowers your blood pressure.


We have declared war on ….

Mono and diglycerides of fatty acids
Chemical additives and flavourings
Hydrogenated fats and oils
Food gelatines

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