Highway becomes a wedding photography hotspot for its romantic monuments

Provincial Highway 18 is being designed into a road for wedding photography. Special package tours are offered by various local travel agencies. Enjoy the tea gardens, mini trains, and clouds and fogs of Alishan while taking memorial wedding photos here. Come and capture happiness through the camera lens!

Recommended spots:
1. Niupuzi Meadow, Chukou

To visit the lush green meadow, visitors are recommended to take a biking trail starting at 32k, Provincial Highway 18. For non-bikers, “Hufu” buses are also available. Because the highway is advertised as the “Silk Road of Love,” it has recently been decorated with three heart-shaped flower arches jointly named “Always with You.” Additional pot plants can be hung on the arches when festivals or activities are held, so that the arches look all the more beautiful. On normal days, the arches are left the way they are to render a more expanding view.

“Always with You”
These three arches lead visitors to the Zhulu Community and the Chukou Visitor Center. The arches’ physical appearance is inspired by folk paper cuts and Chinese window frame designs. Rising at the start of the Silk Road of Love, they make the path all the more charming.

“Happiness to You”
Near the starting point, there is also a sculpture called “Happiness to You.” Asimple square gift box with a fiery heart and long ribbons, this artwork represents a lover’s dedication.

“True Love”
The installation is situated at the hilltop above Niupuzi Meadow’s south parking lot. It can be easily found upon entering Niupuzi via Provincial Highway 18. The structure comprises four English letters, L, O, V and E. the L and O come in the form of ribbons, the V symbolizes Alishan’s divine trees, and the E derives from the sea of clouds of Alishan.

“Express Delivery of Love”
Two giant signs, “marry me” and “be mine” are here to help lovers express their love. Short powerful phrases can sometimes work better than a thousand words. Let love reach your beloved one through this express delivery of love.

“Chukou Kiss”
Dijiu Bridge is a key landmark on the Silk Road of Love. Many tourists have come here to take photos. It surely has remained an important part of these visitors’ memories.

2. Chukou Visitor & Administration Center

3. Dingshizhao, Trail of Sunset, Trail of Cherry Blossoms

4. Trip to Old Town & Fenqi Lake (Fenqi Lake Train Station, Culture & History Museum)

5. Alishan National Forest Recreation Area (Hsianglin Divine Tree, Sister Lake, Heart-Shaped Tree)